About me

Hello! My name is Przemysław Piotrowski. I’m from Poland, more particularly a small city close to Toruń. I have commercial experience in web development for about 5 years, although I’ve been programming on-and-off since primary school through high-school and university.

I code mostly in Ruby on Rails, but lately I’ve been doing projects in React and Vue. I love tinkering around with DevOps-related tools, like Ansible, Docker, AWS stack and so on. I believe in a business-first approach of developing software (as Linus Torvalds said: “without users, your program is not a program, it’s a pointless piece of code that you might as well throw away”) and I believe that following DevOps principles and Agile methodology is a good way to achieve that.

In my free time I sing and I play guitar, I read philosophy books, train powerlifting at the gym, follow healthy habits and read about dieting (I’m a fan of low-to-moderate carb diets, I did ketogenic diet and a bit of fasting too).

Ping me any time on facebook, email, wherever you can find me. I’ll gladly discuss any subject!

Have a good day! Przemek